Our Story

Origin.  It started with their grandmother. However, making toffee by hand is actually quite strenuous and over time their grandfather was forced to take the reins. Appropriately, he was a cook for the 442nd infantry in World War II, so under his watchful eye the toffee recipe was further refined. Throughout the years, their grandfather's holiday gifts of toffee and annual toffee donations to church and community fundraisers became tradition. Ironically he was diabetic, yet he continued to make his candy enjoying the glowing responses his toffee produced. Ryan was fortunate to apprentice the toffee making process from his grandfather and only hopes he can live up to the high standards he set.

Philosophy.  Brothers Ryan and Joel have spent years working to bring their family's toffee to market and have only been able to do so with the generous help of close friends and family members. Truly a team effort, they rely on lots of hard work and continuous reassessment of both product and company to improve their standing with customers. While just making toffee can be a fairly routine pursuit, making exceptional toffee is quite elusive and difficult to achieve. It is often said that the most elegant solution to a problem is the one that is most simple. Ryan and Joel will continue to nurture this notion of simplicity in pursuit of toffee's most elegant of expressions. Finding this no small task, they are honored to share this journey with you. R & J Toffees was established in 2005 and proudly offers you their original almond toffee


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