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Our Story

R& J Toffees’ origin began over 60 years ago with Ryan & Joel’s grandmother and grandfather.  Grandpa Sam was a cook for the 442nd infantry in World War II, and under his watch the toffee recipe was refined.  Ironically he was diabetic but prolific in his candy making to the point where holiday gifts and annual donations of toffee to church and community fundraisers became tradition.  Ryan & Joel were fortunate to apprentice the toffee making process from their grandfather.

The brothers spent years working to refine their Handmade Toffee before opening for business in 2005.  While just making toffee can be a fairly routine pursuit, making exceptional toffee is quite elusive and difficult to achieve. Understanding that the most elegant solution to a problem is often the most simple, Joel and Ryan continue to nurture this notion of simplicity in every product they make. They are honored to share this journey with you.

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